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[Health] Alkaline Vegan Diet Helped Father Beat Cancer: ‘I Was Told I Had Up To 12 Months To Live’

  Johann Ilgenfritz transformed his life after adopting a whole-food plant-based diet which he says is the reason he managed to overcome seven tumors. Father-of-two Johann Ilgenfritz transformed his cancer diagnosis and credits switching to an alkaline vegan diet as the reason he was able to overcome it. The former fashion photographer was forced to put his career on hold when he was told he had just twelve months to live. However, it led him on a journey of self-discovery. Now, thanks to a plant-based diet, his health has drastically improved – and even led him to launch a health-themed radio show, UK Health Radio. ‘It all started in February 2011 when I had a heart attack at the age of 46, a shock that was followed up by a cancer diagnosis. ‘It was a double whammy that I didn’t react well to – it put me into a complete frenzy. I stumbled into radiotherapy and had this very strange feeling of not being part of the process, he said. At a cancer screening the following year, he was inf