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Understanding the Ecological Footprint of Human Existence and the Case for Veganism

Veganism represents a more sustainable and ecologically sensitive approach to food production. It minimizes resource consumption, habitat destruction, and pollution compared to animal agriculture. By choosing plant-based options, individuals contribute to a more harmonious coexistence with the natural world, aligning with progressive values of compassion and environmental stewardship. Michael Corthell Every human, by virtue of existing, inherently interacts with the natural world. From consuming resources to producing waste, our presence leaves an ecological footprint. This includes the energy we use, the food we eat, and the products we consume. Veganism, compared to carnism (omnivorous diets), entails a significantly lower ecological footprint. Here's why: Land Use : Animal agriculture requires vast expanses of land for grazing and growing animal feed. This leads to deforestation and habitat destruction, displacing countless species. In contrast, a vegan diet necessitates less la

[Activism] Star Says Fewer People Would Eat Meat ‘If They Knew It Was Causing Deforestation’

“All deforestation is economic… No one’s cutting down trees because it’s fun to cut down trees.   British actor and model Lily Cole says fewer people would eat meat if they knew it ‘directly caused deforestation ‘. The St. Trinian’s star made the comment in a recent interview with UK news giant i. Lily Cole interview She said : “All deforestation is economic… No one’s cutting down trees because it’s fun to cut down trees. They’re cutting down trees because you make more money cutting down trees than not cutting down trees… “I think a lot of people wouldn’t eat meat or buy leather products if they knew it was directly causing deforestation in the Amazon.” Cole concluded by saying there is sometimes a ‘disconnect between our choices and their impacts’. Climate crisis book Last year, the celeb published her book Who Cares Wins – which highlights solutions to the ongoing climate crisis. It features topics such as fast fashion, fast food, and renewable energy, as well as features interview

[Environment] Male Parts are Shrinking from "Pollution" | How to Lower Exposure

  A recent media blitz has raised concern about the shrinking of eggplant size in the males due to pollution but all of the news articles miss the main source of exposure and how to lower it.

[Wildlife] African elephants face growing risk of extinction

African elephants living in forests and savannas are increasingly threatened with extinction, the Red List of species in trouble showed on Thursday, as conservationists called for an urgent end to poaching. The new assessments by the International Union for Conservation of Nature underscore the persistent pressures faced by the two species of elephants in Africa due to poaching for ivory and human encroachment.   "We must urgently put an end to poaching and ensure that sufficient suitable habitat for both forest and savannah elephants is conserved," said Bruno Oberle, IUCN Director General. The Swiss-based body's latest survey said the savanna elephant was "endangered" and the much smaller, lighter forest elephant was "critically endangered" - its highest category before extinction in the wild. Previously IUCN had treated both elephants together which it considered as "vulnerable" but opted to separate them following genetic evidence that th

[Media] ‘Seaspiracy’ Debuts On Netflix – Available to 190 Million Viewers

  'Anyone who cares about the ocean and their future must watch this film' The highly-anticipated documentary Seaspiracy has debuted on Netflix today, already garnering global media attention. Produced by Cowspiracy‘s Kip Andersen, the film sheds light on the ‘war being waged’ on the world’s oceans – delving into the fishing industry’s environmental impacts on marine life. Moreover, the official trailer had already exceeded 511,000 views on YouTube. But, the film is now available for a staggering 190 million people to watch across the globe. “This film will radically transform the way we think and act on ocean conservation forever,” the Seaspiracy team said. Continue

[Ecology] Fossil fuel polluters are the new tobacco

New study calls to end hundreds of high-carbon deals in sports sponsorship. At the 2021 Australian Open tennis championships the prominent courtside sponsors included a fossil fuel company, an airline and a car maker. Sponsorship of sport by major, high-carbon polluters has replaced once common and now disgraced deals with tobacco companies. Sport used to rely heavily on tobacco sponsorship until the importance of public health overcame vested interests and largely ended the practice. In 1990 more than 20 different televised sports were sponsored by cigarette brands in the United States alone, and a single tobacco company, RJ Reynolds, admitted in 1994 to sponsoring 2,736 separate sporting events in a year. As a child Andrew used to sit watching county cricket matches in England sponsored by the cigarette company Benson & Hedges. At the time, smoking’s health impacts were well known - just as today the climate science is we'll established - but tobacco sponsorship was still wid