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World Soy Production: Balancing Human Consumption and Animal Feed

  "Soy production mirrors dietary shifts: nourishing humanity and animals alike. This soybean symphony highlights our power to reshape food systems for wellness, compassion, and a thriving planet." Michael Corthell Soybeans are a versatile and protein-rich legume that plays a critical role in global food systems. As of the latest available data, the world soybean production reached approximately 337 million metric tons in 2020. This substantial output makes soybeans a significant crop with diverse applications, spanning from human consumption to livestock feed. Soybeans serve as a primary source of protein for both humans and animals, particularly in the form of soy-based products such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and various meat substitutes. However, the allocation of soybeans for human consumption versus animal feed varies significantly around the world. A considerable portion of global soybean production, estimated to be around 70-75%, is used as animal feed. The livestoc