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Why HISTORY's Greatest Minds Didn't EAT MEAT

"Embracing veganism extends compassion beyond ourselves, forging a path towards a more just and sustainable world for all beings." Michael Corthell Plant-based diets have a rich historical lineage, dating back centuries. In ancient Greece, philosophers pondered the ethical implications of consuming meat, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life forms. During the age of Enlightenment, the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci introduced the concept of speciesism, challenging the misguided belief in human superiority over animals. His insight laid the foundation for a more compassionate understanding of our relationship with the animal kingdom. Noteworthy figures in history embraced plant-based living. Benjamin Franklin, a polymath and inventor, made the conscious choice to forgo meat from an early age. Similarly, luminaries like Einstein, Edison, and Newton later adopted this lifestyle, attesting to the profound impact of ethical considerations on personal dietary choic

The 5 Ethical Reasons You Should GO VEGAN

In today's world, the choices we make regarding our lifestyle have far-reaching implications for our health, the environment, and the well-being of other sentient beings. With advancements in science, technology, and the availability of information, it is now more possible than ever for individuals to lead a lifestyle that encompasses delicious, nutritious foods, improved health, a smaller carbon footprint, and a rejection of killing other sentient beings. Yet, despite these possibilities, a pertinent question arises: why do some individuals still choose not to embrace such a lifestyle? First and foremost, one possible explanation is the inertia of habit. Human beings are creatures of habit, and it can be challenging to break away from familiar routines and embrace change. Many individuals have grown up consuming animal products and have become accustomed to a diet that includes meat, dairy, and eggs. The mere thought of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle may seem daunting, r

[Veganism] Why "Vegan for my Health / the Environment" is Bull

There's no such thing as "vegan for my health" or "vegan for the environment". You can only be vegan for the animals. And I'm going to explain why.

[Activism] What I've Learned or What I've Lied About? Eating less meat won't save the planet. Debunked - Earthling Ed

[Opinion] Why I'm Not A Vegetarian

[Ethics] The Ethics of Vegan and Plant Based Businesses

[Activism] Do You Have a Moral Obligation to go Vegan Today? Let's Look...

  The Village Vegan endorses a more measured approach:   There are generally three main reasons people choose to go vegan: for environmental, ethical and health reasons. If going vegan is something you are interested in doing, it is worth exploring which ones speak to you (it could be all three!) and tapping into that to keep you motivate. Continue...

[Vegan Medicine] Vegan Doctor ATTACKED By Vegans | Realistic Dietary Advice

   Dr. Danielle Belardo is the Director of Cardiology, and Co-Director of Research and Education, at IOPBM in Newport Beach California.  She is also a proud vegan, but that alone has not stopped vegan twitter from ridiculing her for various beliefs and practices she holds surrounding plant-based diets.  I sat down with Dr. Belardo to discuss why she receives so much hate from vegans online, where she actually stands on being a vegan vs. what she recommends for her patients, and various ways you can improve the health of your heart.  There are some really hot takes in here, particularly around being vegan and receiving vaccines that were tested on animals, cholesterol and saturated fats in eggs, and universal benefits of plant-based diets.

[Vegan Opinion] Billie Eilish I'm A Vegan That Rides Horses 🤔

   Billie Eilish - "I'm a vegan that rides horses" 🤔