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[Lab Meat] Pet Food Start-Up To ‘Ramp Up’ Cell-Cultured Meat Production Following Hefty Investment

  Because, Animals aims to have its cell-cultured pet products on the market in 2022 A  pet food start-up is ‘ramping up’ its production of cell-cultured meat following a hefty investment round. Because, Animals says it is the first biotech company to grow cell-cultured meat for dogs and cats. It recently closed its seed-stage financing round led by Orkla – a leading food giant in Europe – and secured follow-up investment from SOSV, Draper Associates, Keen Growth Capital, and others. This brought the company’s total financing to a staggering $6.7 million to date. Because, Animals says the investment will help scale up production, and accelerate the development of its first commercial cell-cultured meat pet product: a cat treat. Continue...

[PlantBased News] Cell-Cultured Chicken Brand Slashes Production Costs – Eyes Price Parity With Poultry Within 8 Years

  Future Meat has reduced its production costs by nearly 50 percent A  cell-cultured chicken brand has slashed its production costs, speeding up its goal of reaching price parity with real poultry. Future Meat has reduced its production costs by almost 50 percent. It can now create 110g of slaughter-free chicken breast for under $4. The start-up’s Chief Executive Rom Kshuk predicts the cost will drop to below $2 in the next 12-18 months. Continue...

[Activism] Pro-Meat, Anti-Vegan Schools Us on Logic

  The prospect of consumable meat produced in a laboratory setting without the need to raise and slaughter animals is both realistic and exciting.  Not only could such in vitro meat become popular due to potential cost savings, but it also avoids many of the ethical and environmental problems with traditional meat productions. However, as with any new technology, in vitro meat is likely to face some detractors.  There are three potential objections: 1) in vitro meat is disrespectful, either to nature or to animals; 2) it will reduce the number of happy animals in the world; and 3) it will open the door to cannibalism.  While each objection has some attraction, we ultimately find that all can be overcome. The upshot is that in vitro meat production is generally permissible and, especially for ethical vegetarians, worth promoting.

[Marketing] Whistle-Blower Finds Plant-Based Brand THIS Secretly Using Lab-Grown Meat To Create ‘Hyper-Realistic’ Chicken

    Meat-alternative pioneer THIS has been caught up in a scandal after a whistle-blower discovered the brand secretly using lab-grown meat. The company has up until now claimed to be entirely plant-based, using patented processes to create the award-winning meat-like taste and texture. Continue...         From the THIS website: ''So the main reason why our food is really meaty, is that we took AGES (around 1.5 years) to develop it, and it was really really really hard. We have tasted over 2,000 iterations across our 8 launch products – it’s been a long old road. In terms of texture, we take plant-based ingredients and introduce heat, pressure and water. By dialling in our recipes and our cooking techniques, we’re able to produce food with a fibrous texture – just like meat. When it comes to taste, that’s a case of breaking down exactly what it is that makes chicken or bacon smell and taste like chicken and bacon. Once you identify the constituent parts of those tastes and s