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[Business] Costa Rica Gets Its First Vegan Hotel

  Costa Rica’s Mother Earth Vegan Hotel offers 14 guest rooms, a vegan restaurant, a rooftop yoga studio, and a natural saltwater pool.  Continue... Costa Rica’s first vegan hotel recently opened in the beach town of Tamarindo. Mother Earth Vegan Hotel is a family-run boutique hotel led by Karen and Elwood Salstein Harris, offering 14 guest rooms and a plant-based restaurant, rooftop yoga and healing studio, and natural saltwater pool.  “The vegan community is growing and with it the need for a hospitality experience that caters to them. Costa Rica is a predominantly meat-centric country and as vegans, we struggled,” Karen Salstein Harris said. “With such an abundance of fresh ingredients at our doorstep, we were driven to create a plant-based destination for like-minded travelers visiting this beautiful country.” Its poolside restaurant, Off The Grid, offers a globally inspired, fully vegan all-day menu with dishes such as Mother Earth Burger, Buffalo cauliflower wings, cannelloni pr