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How to Go Vegan Step-by-Step

[Activism] From Mud to Hugs: See This ‘Backyard Dog’ Now!

 This video celebrates the rescue of a gentle dog who spent years chained up outside in a muddy backyard. The only affection she received came from PETA’s fieldworkers, who visited her as much as they could, giving her water, food, and companionship—but some days, she was so timid and depressed that she didn’t even come out of her doghouse. 

All that changed when her owner finally agreed to let PETA find her a new home. Now, she has a fancy new name (Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom, or Wolfie for short) and lives indoors with a family who loves her—and a warm home, cuddles on the couch, and playtime with her new dog brother was all she needed to bring her out of her shell. 

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How to go vegan: https://how-to-go-vegan.peta.org/​