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[Activism] Huge PETA Win! Taiwan Ends Drowning, Electroshock Tests on Animals


In a groundbreaking PETA victory, horrific drowning and electroshock tests on countless animals will no longer be conducted in Taiwan by companies wanting to make anti-fatigue marketing claims that consuming their food or beverage products may help consumers be less tired after exercising.

After receiving PETA’s detailed scientific critique and more than 73,000 e-mails from PETA supporters during a public comment period for the agency’s draft anti-fatigue health claim regulation, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has finalized the regulation and removed animal testing as an option for companies to pursue. Now, only safe and effective human tests are required and allowed.

We need your help now to push for an end to animal testing for a different TFDA draft regulation—this one concerning joint-protection health claims for marketing foods and beverages to consumers. The agency has proposed allowing gruesome, misleading experiments that would chemically or surgically induce painful arthritis in sensitive rats before they’re killed and dissected. Pain relief would be intentionally withheld so as not to interfere with the results. Please let the TFDA know that this proposed draft regulation must be changed in its final version to prohibit data from experiments on animals.


Following years of pressure from PETA, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) has announced a groundbreaking decision to delete all animal tests—including drowning mice and rats and making them run to exhaustion on an electrified treadmill—from its draft regulation for marketing foods and beverages using dubious anti-fatigue health claims. Continue...