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[Activism] ‘Mortal Combat’ Star Ludi Lin Boasts Benefits Of Plant-Based Diet – Says World Has A ‘Meat Addiction’


'I think the world has a meat addiction' Credit: Ludi Lin

Actor and model Ludi Lin has praised the benefits of a plant-based diet while declaring the world has a ‘meat addiction‘.

The Mortal Combat star made the comments in a recent interview about his diet with Mens’ Health.
“I eat a plant-based diet for many reasons,” Lin told the publication. “One of the reasons is because it’s healthy. The other reason is that I want to.

“I have everything I need in a plant-based diet. My proteins are usually hemp [and] peanut butter. They’re complete proteins, especially hemp, it’s one of the biggest and best plant-sourced proteins.”

The celeb says his diet consists of ‘a lot of vegetables’ – with a particular liking for the skin of pumpkins. He also eats sheets of nori seaweed when he wants a snack and stays hydrated with plenty of water.