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[Activism] Seaspiracy - An Animal Rights Activist’s Perspective

 Have you heard about this documentary Seaspiracy?  Of course you have. 

While it may be a great resource to educate the public, what if the documentary, and the others in the series, were actually doing more harm than good for animal rights activists and our movement? 

What if they were keeping us back from doing the crucial work to grow our movement and achieve the tangible goals the movie lays out for us? I have feelings. Obviously.


  1. Spot on ! building bridges is a key to success Let a persons conscientious effort naturally point out their own hypocrisy in their own time Meanwhile I think I will continue to lead by example and choose vegan options when and wherever I can As well seek to gather allies to modify animal industries cruel behavior where it hurts them most ...their cash registers ! That is just the start . Meanwhile education is PARAMOUNT


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