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[Activism] Why Earth Day Should Be Every Day

April marks Earth Month around the world. But at LIVEKINDLY, we celebrate the gifts of our planet each day, working toward solutions for the climate emergency.

That’s why we’re excited to share Earth Day. Every Day. We created this dedicated microsite — with its in-depth reporting, DIY recipe and lifestyle videos, and actionable service pieces — to offer you simple ways to work sustainability into your everyday life.

This is a place to gain a deeper understanding about our changing climate and the intersections of climate justice and social justice. We’ll also provide you with actionable solutions to make changes within your own life and community.

Here, we’ll amplify the work of the bright, young minds innovating in the fields of climate science and food tech, and honor the contributions of the space’s original innovators (like Jane Goodall, still our shero after 60 years). And with in-depth features on macro issues that affect our everyday lives, we’ll explore all the big questions like, Do fish feel pain? How does mindfulness promote sustainability? How many microplastics are we inadvertently consuming?