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[Activism] “Without Consent” PETA's New Anti-Animal Testing Exhibit

It’s moving viewers to tears—and action. Experience PETA’s bold new exhibit and see nearly 200 stories about animals used in experiments.

“Without Consent,” PETA’s new traveling exhibit, challenges human exploitation of animals by revealing the long history of suffering inflicted on nonconsenting animals in laboratories. The exhibit features almost 200 stories of animals used in real-life experiments, from decades ago through the present. PETA debuted the exhibit—a massive display featuring two 7-foot-by-7-foot cubes—in Washington, D.C., where research grants are chosen and awarded, and will display it in city centers and on college campuses around the country.

Now anyone can visit “Without Consent” virtually here and read the stories of animals who’ve endured harrowing experiments—including dogs forced to inhale cigarette smoke for months or electroshocked so many times that they gave up even trying to escape, newborn monkeys taken from their mothers and raised alone in a “pit of despair” to induce devastating mental illness, hamsters addicted to street drugs and forced to fight, mice cut up while still alive and conscious, and cats deafened, drowned, and paralyzed.