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[Animal Rights] Belgian animal rights group calls for no more experiments on dogs or cats


Belgium’s animal rights group GAIA is lobbying the three ministers in charge of animal welfare to ask that no more authorizations be granted for experiments on healthy dogs and cats that are knowingly made ill, it said in a communication published on Friday.

GAIA, which stands for Global Action in the Interest of Animals, describes itself as an organization that “unites defenders of animal welfare and advocates for animal rights in Belgium.”

The association conducted a survey in 2019 on the use of laboratory animals in Belgium and estimates that 1,302 experiments were carried out on 542 dogs, all of the Beagle breed. The majority of these were in Flanders, with 1,286 experiments on 526 animals.

Last week they launched a satirical campaign calling for beagle owners to bring their dogs to laboratory testing centers to combat an urgent need for test animals, and today they’ve launched a new website focused on raising awareness of (and eventually ending) the use of animals as test subjects.