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[Business] Woman Who Turned Down $1 Million on Shark Tank Now Selling a Million Pounds of Vegan Chicken


Deborah Torres of vegan fried chicken company Atlas Monroe is projecting that she’ll sell one million pounds this year with the opening of a new, multi-million-dollar manufacturing facility in San Diego, CA.

Vegan fried chicken company Atlas Monroe is set to become the largest manufacturer of deep-fried vegan chicken in the world. The news comes as Atlas Monroe recently acquired its own multi-million-dollar manufacturing plant at a two-story, 10,000-square-foot warehouse in San Diego, CA, with plans to open a second location this year.

With the expansion, Atlas Monroe founder Deborah Torres has maintained 100-percent ownership of the company since her appearance on reality investment show Shark Tank. In 2019, she was offered $1 million (an amount rarely offered on the show) from investor Mark Cuban and guest investor Rohan Oza for 100 percent of the company. Torres turned down that offer because she did not want to give up her brand because she believed the company would soon generate the same amount on its own. “The fact you guys are even offering a million dollars lets me know you do understand what we are worth,” Torres said on the show....