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[Celebrities] Everyone, Even Trisha Paytas, Is Talking (And Thinking) About ‘Seaspiracy’


LA influencer Trisha Paytas says 'Seaspiracy' got her thinking about how her individual choices impact the oceans.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Netflix’s Seaspiracy has come out and discussions about it on my social media feed don’t seem to have slowed down. Former co-workers and long-distance acquaintances who once bristled at my plant-based work lunches are now having in-depth conversations about overfishing, bycatch, and the global industrial fishing industry’s overall impact on the planet. Everyone is in on the conversation, and it feels good to see it.

LA-influencer Trisha Paytas is one of the thousands who have watched the somewhat controversial doc. On Easter morning, she posted a vlog recorded poolside at her spacious new five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home in Ventura County. It starts off not so different from her typical check-ins with her 1.44 million subscribers on YouTube; she wishes everyone a happy holiday and she gives a little life update all while her fiancé, photographer Moses Hacmon chills in the pool beside her.

After talking about her updated haircare routine (no extensions, lots of curl-boosting products) Paytas brings up Seaspiracy—and how the film, produced by Kip Andersen of What the Health fame—has got her thinking about how her individual choices impact the oceans and, more importantly, she speculates on what changes she can make to her lifestyle to do better by the planet...