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[Documentary] ‘Seaspiracy’: Netflix Doc Got You Down? Here’s How to Cope, and Help.

The new documentary "Seaspiracy" on Netflix reveals the devastating effects of overfishing and aquaculture. Here's how to help.

If you’re one of the millions of people who caught the new environmental documentary, Seaspiracy, on Netflix, you’re likely experiencing a lot of feelings right now.

 From the intense animal cruelty to the brutal human slavery to the boundless ocean pollution, there was no shortage of injustices documented in the film, which examines the impact of aquaculture on the climate crisis. Whether you’re experiencing anger, hopelessness, distress, or some combination of all three, take a moment to recognize that your feelings are valid.

Before you resign to the idea that making the world a better place is simply impossible, first, we’d like to suggest you take a deep breath. While some of the footage in the film was undeniably agonizing, none of it can discount your desire to do good. 

And there are ways you can take actionable steps to positively impact the environment, help the oceans recover, and perhaps most importantly, feel like your contributions matter—because they do. Here are a few places to start....