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[Ethics] Vegan Student Wins Discrimination Case After Being Told ‘Study Unit On Farming Or Fail’


'I couldn’t simply break my way of living purely to pass a course'.

Avegan student has won a discrimination case after she was told to study a unit on farming ‘or fail’.

18-year-old Fiji Willetts is from Downend in Bristol. She’s currently studying for a BTEC National Extended Diploma in Animal Management at South Gloucestershire college.

According to the college’s prospectus, the course is great for people ‘who love animals’ and are ‘passionate about conservation’.

However, after enrolling, Willetts found she had to take, and pass, a module on Farm Husbandry. This branch of agriculture focuses on raising animals for meat, fiber, milk, eggs, or other products.

It includes day-to-day care, selective breeding and the raising of livestock for the purpose of gaining the ‘best quality meats, and most milk and eggs from those animals’.

Students were also expected to attend working farms to help the farmers. A visit to a slaughterhouse was also discussed.

Willetts discussed her ethical dilemma with her course tutor but was told she could study an alternative module. Skipping the unit would result in an automatic fail...