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[Health] Dietitian Debunks Report Calling For Over 65’s To Eat More Meat And Dairy


'It is incorrect to say that the best source of iron is meat. Our bodies do absorb haem iron more efficiently than the non-haem iron in plants'.

A report by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) claiming people over the age of 65 should increase their meat and dairy intake has been blasted ‘disappointing’ by a dietitian.

The FSAI is a statutory body and claims its recommendations are to ‘improve health’ among older adults and promote increased muscle mass.
Published this week, the report sets out a list of dietary guidelines.

It recommended the increased consumption of high-quality proteins. These are to be found in meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and eggs, it claimed.

However, it makes no mention of plant-based proteins such as legumes, tofu, tempeh, and nuts.