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[Health] How a Vegan Diet Affects the Brain: Is there anything to worry about??

A recent article published by the BBC claims that vegan diets can be detrimental to brain health – so naturally, there has been a lot of speculation on this topic. What’s the truth when it comes to vegan brain health? Today I’m answering this question and explaining the science behind it.

Recently, the BBC posted an article on their website titled, “How a Vegan Diet Could Affect Your Intelligence”. I’m here to set the facts straight and debunk the sensationalized, biased and blatantly false claims laid out in this article.

This is one of several opinion pieces written by the BBC in the past year not-so-subtly attacking a plant-based diet. Typically, I would prefer not to call attention to articles that are pure nonsense, like this one, but in this case, I felt it was important to address the claims and falsities as I know many people have questions about them.

I also want to demonstrate the importance of using a critical eye when reading news articles. This is an example of how a seemingly reputable outlet can publish an astonishingly inaccurate opinion piece under the guise of journalism by cherry-picking studies and lying by omission.

The piece is biased, poorly researched, and in some cases, flat out factually inaccurate. Let’s start with what the author got completely wrong...