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[Opinion] Oceana Says ‘Abstaining From Seafood Is Not A Realistic Choice’- Seaspiracy Directors Respond

We've got to be really careful not to sort of weaponize poor and vulnerable people who are depending on fish, to justify our own eating habits'

In light of the Netflix hit Seaspiracy, Oceana has claimed ‘abstaining from seafood is not a realistic choice’.

Last month, the ocean conservation organization released an official statement on the film – which is drastically changing people’s perception of the fishing industry.

Oceana’s response to Seaspiracy

“We believe people have the right to choose what they eat, and we applaud those who make personal choices to improve the health of our planet,” Oceana wrote.

“However, choosing to abstain from consuming seafood is not a realistic choice for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who depend on coastal fisheries. Many of whom are also facing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition.”