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[Vegan Junk Foods] Dunkin’ Launches Vegan Range With Over 40 Donuts

Doughnut giant Dunkin’ is now serving a variety of vegan doughnuts in Belgium, including flavors inspired by the Cookie Monster.
This week, international fast-food chain Dunkin’ added 41 vegan doughnut flavors to its menu in Belgium. 

The new flavors include simple creations such as Original Glazed, Pistachio, and Cinnamon Swirl; filled varieties such as Double Stuffed Strawberry, Sugared Raspberry, and Cinnamon Jam; along with inventive creations inspired by the Cookie Monster (complete with googly eyes), candy rings (in Strawberry Red and Strawberry Ring), and one vegan doughnut decorated to resemble a bee with salted pretzel antennae; and many more.