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[Video] You Tube Bans Fake Animal Rescue Videos

Following an investigation by animal welfare organization Lady Freethinker, YouTube is implementing a ban on staged rescue videos that purposely place animals in jeopardy.

Popular online video-sharing platform YouTube recently announced it is implementing a ban on staged animal rescue videos. 

The platform has noticed a “disturbing trend” of people putting domesticated animals in dangerous situations—such as puppies and rabbits being suffocated by snakes and cats found buried alive—to film an apparent rescue. 

According to YouTube’s global head of trust and safety, Colin Goulding, the company will also focus on banning eating live animals in videos.

The ban follows an extensive investigation by animal welfare organization Lady Freethinker that flagged more than 2,000 videos for animal abuse, garnering 1.2 billion total views. 

The videos of staged animal rescues are often made so the filmmakers can gain views, subscribers, and revenue. 

According to media outlet Business Insider, the decision also comes after YouTube was found running big brand ads on the pages of these exploitative videos. YouTube is still working on details of the ban and hasn’t yet made clear when and how this ban will be implemented.