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[Activism] Jane Goodall to Receive Award for 60 Years of Animal Service

Animal-protection organization Mercy For Animals will honor primatologist Jane Goodall with a Hope Award for her decades of animal activism.

On June 10, primatologist and animal activist Jane Goodall will receive the Hope Award from nonprofit animal-protection organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) at its annual Hope Gala hosted by vegan influencer Tabitha Brown. 

The virtual event will celebrate MFA’s 22nd anniversary by honoring leaders in animal welfare and the plant-based food industry. MFA will also award animal activist Erik Hastings with the Hidden Hero Award and Miyoko’s Creamery founder Miyoko Schinner with the Global Impact Award.

The Hope Award recognizes Goodall’s 60 years of animal service that focuses on protecting chimpanzees and their habitat. Her work has inspired other animal advocates and everyone who cares about the planet and its inhabitants. “We are thrilled to honor the work of Dr. Jane Goodall, whose groundbreaking research has inspired people around the world to examine their relationship with animals,” MFA President Leah Garc├ęs said. “Her dedication to animal protection and conservation inspires Mercy For Animals’ work to reduce suffering and build a compassionate food system.”