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[Health] How Many Bowel Movements Should You Have Every Day?

Most people have between 3 bowel movements a day and 3 a week, but normal doesn’t necessarily mean optimal.


I know people are suckers for poop videos—I’m so excited to finally be getting these up! There was actually a recent one though–Diet and Hiatal Hernia–that talks about the consequences of straining on stool. Hernias are better than Bedpan Death Syndrome, though—that’s what I talk about in in my next video: Should You Sit, Squat, or Lean During a Bowel Movement?

I do have some older videos on bowel health:

For more on this concept of having “normal” health parameters in a society where it’s normal to drop dead of heart attacks and other such preventable fates, see my video When Low Risk Means High Risk.

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