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[Wildlife] Mini Hotels, Bus Shelters, and 5 Other Initiatives Saving the Bees


The Netherlands is saving bees with insect hotels and pollinator-friendly bus stops known as "bee stops."

The city of Utrecht, Netherlands is saving bees with a huge insect hotel. The project consists of more than 200 individual nesting boxes for wild bees and other essential pollinators. The bee homes cover a 28 meter-high billboard tower on the side of the A2 motorway — one of the busiest highways in the country.

Because wild bees search for pollen and nectar within 200 meters of their nesting site, the city of Utrecht also planted a 7,000 m2 meadow of wildflowers nearby, complete with sand and hills for native ground-nesting populations such as plasterer or “silk” bees.

Wildflower meadows provide a huge boost to pollinators of all kinds, and road and railway sidings in general have proven important breaks in pervasive agricultural landscapes. They offer unique and biodiverse ecosystem services to local wildlife and frequently make constructive use of previously underutilized space.