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How to Go Vegan Step-by-Step

[Activism] Humane Hancock: Reviewing My Own Vegan Activism

 Comments: "Great video! The point at 13:50 I've always found to be a tricky one, as it really can depend on the tone, which I've encountered also when discussing religious belief. 

At times, people saying "I use to think that too" can come across as a bit pejorative, as if they once were naive and now have overcome the ignorance that this other person is still stuck in. 

I've found this when people tell me "Oh yeah I also use to be an atheist, but here's what I learned about argument X for God which made me realize how wrong I was." I in turn have been very careful not to equate my own experience growing up as a Christian with that of others I speak with, but they really can be truly different. 

Sort of goes back to the classic "I know how you feel" versus "I can't even imagine how you feel" approach..the better of which will depend on the person you're talking to. Anyways, more of a caveat than a critique! I've found that something along the lines of "That's a fantastic question and one that a lot of people are understandably skeptical about, including myself. But what I later learned was that [insert relevant point], which really changed my thinking on the topic. I'm curious if that shifts your intuition at all also?"